Canton Noodle CorpAlthough it might look like an abandoned factory from the outside, Canton Noodle Corp is still very much in business. You push open the double doors and step inside. It feels like an old print shop, with all sorts of noodle-making machinery around and a thin layer of flour covering everything. Is anyone there? You walk in slowly, feeling like you shouldn’t be here. Maybe it really is abandoned. Maybe that flour is actually dust. But then a cheerful old lady emerges from the back and happily sells you a pack of lo mein noodles for $1.35.


Nights on East Broadway

Bowery Savings BankThe Bowery Savings Bank. Built in 1895, it’s now an event space.

East CornerEast Broadway and Market, the eponymous corner on which East Corner Wonton is located.

Barber ShopYou can get a cut and wash for $10 on Doyers St. I tried it once at the Hong Kong Barber Shop (not pictured). They don’t have any reclining chairs, so you sit face down over a washbasin when they wash your hair. The haircut? Let’s just say when I went back to my usual $25 place on Elizabeth St she knew where I’d had my hair cut without asking.

P.S. I carried the NYCbaton today! Every day a New Yorker takes the account and posts a few pictures. Pretty neat.

BakeryFresh baked buns at Double Crispy on Grand St. Most items are $1 or less. The Portuguese-style egg tart is a specialty here.

Beef JerkyMalaysia Beef Jerky on Elizabeth St

Grand St SignsGrand St advertising corner. Among the services advertised: English lessons, Chinese medicine, fortune telling, travel agency, immigration, accounting, and insurance.

Lao Ren ZhongxinPlaying mahjong at the senior center.

Catherine St

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